Monday, October 14, 2013

What characterizes the best Spanish banks ?

Here are the main characteristics that have the best Spanish banks and, possibly , are the reasons for its success.

Spanish Banks

This article will make reference to the Spanish banks and top to be include in this group will be precious Banco Santander and BBVA , as financial institutions are better positioned in its sector, and come from Spain .

It will refer to the boxes , because after the restructuring that has occurred in Spain ( 2011 ) , it is difficult to make a clarification on the best .

Even if you had to pick the best cases , it would be a very difficult task because of their political influence and have had poor results in recent years.

As external influence , we must mention the support they have received these two financial institutions by the Bank of Spain , which has helped them reach the pinnacle of success .

The top two Spanish banks , Santander and BBVA , have an essential feature that characterizes internationalization.

They are financial institutions throughout his career, have been looking for business opportunities anywhere in the world , and when found , have dared to take your business to that place.

These two financial institutions operating all over the world, either under their own brand, or having acquired other financial institutions or companies autochthonous of where we want to internationalize.

In addition to this essential note , we should mention the solvency , because here we are talking about some of the most solvent banks in the world, and this is a very important for success .

Banks and financial institutions must be able to convey confidence to your customers, and solvency is one of the essential characteristics to demonstrate that trust.

And finally , achieve success can offer customers better terms than other financial institutions so that they can attract more customers, you can feel very satisfied with the conditions offered for deposits , cards , loans, or any other operation that can recruit with the financial institutions mentioned.

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