Monday, October 14, 2013

Caja Madrid , key benefits by household payroll

Most banks offer benefits to the household payroll , pension or social insurance with them , either in the form of bonuses, commissions absence of accounts or cards, or advantageous terms on certain products such as loans or mortgages. This article summarizes the most important benefits are achieved at household incomes in this case Madrid.

Strategies to capture debit entities

Most banks and savings banks in Spain offer bonuses or advantages household when any regular source of income ( payroll, pension or other regular delivery ) as removing commissions maintenance of accounts , cost of national or EU transfers , issuance of debit and credit cards , depositing checks , etc. . along with other benefits such as discounts on interest rates for loans or mortgages , improved compensation time deposits or gifts or giveaways of products.

The following section describes the main benefits enjoyed by customers who arrange their profits at the offices of Caja Madrid.
Advantages of household payroll Caja Madrid

Are summarized below , the 7 major benefits associated with income assets in the bank :

    Possibility of Deposit Payroll / Pension a term deposit for 12 months with quarterly interest payments at 2.5 % , distributed the first quarter savings pays 3% nominal , the second and third to 1.95% and the last period , to 3 % again . Should have the funds before the deadline, are paid half a point less.

    Rebate of 0.8 points in the applicable rate on the mortgage , including a home insurance or pension plan , credit cards and debiting household bills , with a maximum duration of 40 years , up to 80 % of the appraised value , possibility of half yearly review of interest and ability to enjoy a fixed interest rate during the first 5 years .

    Discount of between 5 and 25% in home insurance , contracted with the company Mapfre Familiar , during the first 5 years of operation.

    Free accident insurance , with a maximum coverage of up to 9000 euros.

    Free service to mobile messaging to communicate movements made ​​and no maintenance fees in the current account .

    Possibility to apply for a personal loan on preferential terms to 60,000 euros and return within 8 years .

    Finally , overdrafts allowed after payment of receipts, up to 70 % of payroll (maximum 600 euros ) .

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