Thursday, October 3, 2013

Requirements to obtain funding for a laptop

With Advance loan program , promoted by the government of Spain , the purchase of computers through a bank loan has become a common event . However, you must meet the conditions for each case. The following explains the requirements to obtain funding for a laptop .


The Official Credit Institute (ICO ) provides a loan through its collaborating entities (which are the vast majority of banks and Spain ) for the purchase of a computer, either desktop or laptop , new or used.

A total of 61 banks and collaborators , including Santander , BBVA , La Caixa , Caja Madrid and Unicaja , to name a few.
Requirements and conditions

To qualify for this type of financing is required , first, to be between 18 and 35 years and be a university student ( the mode is called " youth and college ") or , if it is older , be a resident in Spain ( mode " digital citizenship ) .

Second, you must have an internet connection or commit to hire her. The connection can be of any type whenever Broadband : ADSL , cable , satellite, mobile phone , etc. .

Must be submitted , within four months following the granting of the loan, the proof that this has been invested in the purchase of computer and accessories.

The funding includes the purchase of office software , antivirus, electronic card reader , peripherals and high internet connection .

The maximum financing is 3,000 euros , to pay in five years , not a credit without interest, as it has an effective annual rate of 2.171% .

Taking into account that , for example, a laptop HP 15.6 "Pavilion G6- 1070ss Intel Core i3- 380M , in costs € 549 , or higher range , as the Macbook Pro MC723Y / A, has a price € 2,149 in , ( price July 19, 2011 ) , the maximum amount seems more than enough .

Moreover, as noted above , since the funding is granted through banks and , they require the demonstration of the ability to pay the loan by the applicant , as their payroll or proof of income .

If not available , require a guarantor , which in turn shall submit such revenues . The specific precautions depend on the policies of each financial institution .

However, using a simulator of loans, such as Todopr√© , we see that if requested the maximum loan of $ 3,000 , for example , the monthly fee would be € 52.81 .

If only the applicant or the guarantor demonstrate a monthly income of 261 € or more for any entity granted the loan ( the monthly fee should be no more than 20% of revenues) .

( Conditions to July 19, 2011 ) .

In conclusion, this is a very easy to obtain credit , with very few requirements both substantive and related to the applicant's income .

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