Monday, October 14, 2013

What are the best internet banks in Spain ?

The introduction of Internet in all socio-economic sectors , especially in banking, it is a fact , so that in recent years , banks have been developing and improving their internet banking services . This article describes four Spanish institutions whose products and conditions of the most profitable are above average.

What makes an online bank ?

As the name suggests , an online bank is one that allows us to perform the same operations from the internet , just as if it were a physical office , for example , make a request as a new customer , contracting products , make transfers , check movements etc. .

Most companies also offer online banking service , but previously associated with products purchased in branch , and do not usually offer a 100% operation , for example, when hiring new products, add headlines to an account, apply early termination , among others.

As a result of cost savings related to staff in offices , rent , maintenance, etc. . This benefit is usually passed on to customers , either in the form of commissions or products with better conditions, and then describes four of the top rated Spanish banks regarding commissions , customer service and profitability of their products.
Tubancaja , Ibanesto , Self Bank and Activobank

Tubancaja is the virtual office of Bancaja , operates fully autonomous and offers all kinds of products, from accounts, deposits or cards, to mortgages and pension plans . It is characterized by the absence of fees on your bills, issuing or renewing their cards and time deposits , with yields reaching 3.75 and 4 % between one and two years, and after their integration into the Bankia group , allows withdrawals at ATMs of the 7 group entities, without cost , and logistical support of the physical offices of Bancaja.

Ibanesto , just as is the online office of Banesto , offering a wide range of products, called " blue " with interests around 3.60% , and no fees of any kind on your bills , cards , transfers, etc. . Offering to complement physical branch network .

Self Bank is another Spanish company , owned by La Caixa and Boursorama , highlighting its bearing accounts based on the Euribor and American Express credit card in case of household payroll with them, and offering a discount of 1 % on purchases made. In this case , allow withdrawals to debit ATM network of La Caixa .

Lastly, online brand Activobank is Banco Sabadell Group , characterized by the absence of fees, and deposits with interest between 3.80 and 4.20% , as most striking products .

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